The following templates are used during the project life cycle for the 2018-19 Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund projects.

Project plan template

The project plan is used for capturing a detailed exploration of the expression of interest submitted through the 2018-19 BCV Innovation Fund. The template can also be used for general improvement and innovation projects. 

Gantt chart template

The Gantt chart is used to illustrate a project schedule.

Risks-assumptions-issues-dependencies (RAID) log template

The RAID log is used for recording and monitoring risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies. This document should be updated regularly.

Data plan template

This document is used to record the activities relating to data including metrics, identifying the source of data, method of collection, reports and reporting cycle, and the person responsible for the activity. 

Status update template

This document is used to capture project progress including the focus of the next period, issues and risks (the 'watch list'), budget considerations and a lessons log. Projects are expected to complete this document on a quarterly basis.

Budget forecast template

This document should be completed in conjunction with the status update. The document captures budget, actual and forecasted project expenditure. The budget forecast allows projects to identify areas of potential over and underspend, therefore allowing processes and contingencies to be put in place.

Project amendment template

This document should be completed where there are significant changes to the original project scope. The document considers the rationale for change, as well as the key risks associated with the change and associated impacts.

Final project report template

This template provides an outline of the elements to include in a final project report including communicating project outcomes, consolidating key learnings and looking at opportunities for wider sector applicability.