Better Care Victoria (BCV) provides a range of tools, resources and guides to support the Victorian health sector in identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation. They also assist organisations to implement, drive and sustain these innovations and improvements.

Other tools and guides

More helpful project management tools including problem solving, return on investment and A3 reporting templates:

Problem solving and leading and sustaining change

The guide provides and explains information on structured problem solving and methods to resolve problems. 

Return on investment tool

The Return on investment (ROI) tool has been developed to measure the financial benefits of one or more improvement projects within a health service:

A3 project templates

A3 templates are tools used in Lean Six Sigma, an improvement methodology. It follows a logical and structured approach to problem solving by focusing on the real issues while helping teams collaborate to gain deeper insight into problems. 

Further tools

Download more tools and guides to help with projects, improvement and innovation.