Organisation: Monash University

Contact Person: Denise Clark on behalf of Prof. John Wilson

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Advances in digital technologies are a key focus area in addressing the burden of chronic disease on the health system. This proposal targets adults with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), who on average require 50 health professional interactions per year, yet many do not live in close proximity to their specialists. This project will use a mobile device application to integrate electronic health records, online video consulting, medication management, home monitoring results and health activity management. These features enable more regular monitoring by both the patient and their specialist in managing their CF. Patients are anticipated to have improved self-management skills including symptom monitoring, and increased connection to their health system. Health services will likely experience productivity gains through the app’s telemedicine features, to assess patients in their own homes, potentially avoiding unnecessary outpatient and emergency department attendances. This has further significant efficiencies for patients from rural and regional areas, enhancing access to timely care and avoiding unnecessary trips to metropolitan areas for face-to-face consultations.