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The Innovation Incubator supports the dissemination of innovation ideas and projects that are either currently being implemented in the Victorian healthcare sector, or ideas that have come through the Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund expression of interest (EoI) process.

Better Care Victoria (BCV) was established to support sector-led innovation and build sector capability for innovation and improvement in healthcare. BCV's 2016-17 Innovation Fund EOI process served to highlight the large number of ideas with potential for cross collaboration and/ or scaling across the sector.

The Innovation Incubator is a space to share and grow these ideas about innovation in the Victorian healthcare sector, and provide the opportunity to connect with others who may be looking at improving or innovating their work in a similar field. The aim is to provide an open source of ideas where the sector can review and potentially connect with services with similar or relevant ideas.

Expression of interest abstracts

  • Connecting health services

    30th June 2017

    Sunraysia Community Health Service propose to develop a system-wide approach to integrated care, through a general practitioner Primary Health Clinic, co-located with their broad range of allied...

  • Carers watch: a neighbourhood approach to out of hospital care

    30th June 2017

    This proposal seeks to pilot a ‘Carers Watch’ program – a geographically, place-based approach to support carers. It would assist in the early identification of carers, and improve their awareness of...

  • Manage my cerebral palsy platform

    30th June 2017

    This proposal seeks to build the ‘Manage my CP’ platform: the first digital tool to empower, support and educate families in best management and care of their child’s Cerebral Palsy...

  • Moving beyond PARS

    30th June 2017

    This proposal seeks to audit the existing cohort of Barwon Health’s joint replacement patients to identify those at low and high risk of complications or prosthetic failure. This is anticipated to...

  • A new method for distinguishing between epileptic seizures and non-epileptic events

    30th June 2017

    This project involves a partnership with a Melbourne-based company to develop a hardware and software solution as an innovative diagnostic method for epilepsy...

  • Patient-centred care, Mobile Phone Health App.

    30th June 2017

    This project will use a mobile device application to integrate electronic health records, online video consulting, medication management, home monitoring results and health activity management to...

  • Integrated Care for Complex Medical Patients

    30th June 2017

    This project seeks to integrate electronic health records with core hospital systems, automatically sending patients’ clinical records to general practitioners and medical specialists, as well as...

  • Building a Victorian 'Flo'

    30th June 2017

    This project aims to trial the NHS ‘Flo’ technology in 2017 in general practices with interest in chronic disease management, focusing on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes, as key...

  • Keeping dental care out of hospital theatres

    30th June 2017

    The project will ensure primary care oral health agencies are equipped to provide care, where patients were previously referred to tertiary institutions for treatment under general anaesthetic...

  • Increasing the impact of clinical quality registries on improving patient care

    30th June 2017

    This project proposes to rapidly expand the Victorian Lung Cancer Registry to 30 sites, capturing almost all Victorians diagnosed and treated for lung cancer...