Partnering with startups - CivVic Labs

The CivVic Labs accelerator program, launched in 2019 and led by LaunchVic in partnership with the Victorian Government’s Public Sector Innovation Fund, brings government and digital startups together to solve public sector challenges. Over three months, government challenge owners work closely with their selected startup to co-design a prototype in response to an identified challenge. Both challenge owner and startup also receive support and capability training through the program. 

The Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund proudly sponsored two health challenges from the first CivVic Labs round in 2019:

  • How to better capture and incorporate patient-reported measures into clinical practice, led by Western Health. Western Health and its selected startup, WeGuide, co-designed a platform that makes collecting healthcare data easier for the clinician to incorporate into their patient care.
  • How to reduce hospital-acquired complications (HACs), led by St Vincent's Hospital. St Vincent's Hospital and its selected startup, Sky Ledge, co-designed a service model that can predict and pre-empt patients at risk of delirium, with potential for wider applicability to other HACs. 

A showcase for the participants of the first round of the CivVic Labs program was held on 4 December 2019.

Why is this program innovative?

The CivVic Labs program offers a new way of problem solving. Existing products and services are not always able to fulfil government requirements and needs. This program gives government challenge owners the opportunity to leverage the expertise of startups that are leading experts in emerging digital technology and to have a solution tailored to their needs.

What's next?

The BCV Innovation Fund will be participating in the CivVic Labs program again in 2020. We are currently looking for potential challenge owners who are interested in delivering better care for Victorians and have the drive and support from their health service to participate. 

For more information on the program or to submit a challenge, visit the CivVic Labs website.

If you are interested in having your challenge sponsored by the BCV Innovation Fund, email