This project will work with six GP practices within the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network to test two versions of the UK’s “Connecting Care for Children” program. The project will work with GPs to understand the children within their population, and how GPs can best be supported in their care for these children. Specialist paediatricians will be integrated within GP practices over a 9 month period, during which time GPs will have the opportunity to observe and learn from increased engagement with paediatricians, including multi-disciplinary case discussions, and dedicated phone support.

The project aims to increase support for GPs to in their care for common childhood conditions, such as mild asthma, simple food allergy, behavioural problems, eczema and recurrent ear infections. We predict that, over time, the project will reduce the number of children who are currently referred for care at an emergency department or a specialist outpatient clinic, by providing families with more timely, high quality care within their community.

Lead organisation

The Royal Children's Hospital


North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network
Western Health (Sunshine Hospital)
Werribee Mercy Hospital