Influenza infection during pregnancy can result in severe illness, hospitalisation, premature birth, or other adverse health outcomes for both mothers and their babies. Pertussis infection (Whooping Cough) in newborn less than four months of age can also result in hospitalisation and potentially death.

Both influenza and pertussis vaccines are recommended for pregnant women in every pregnancy, to prevent these diseases and associated health risks. Yet, despite the demonstrated benefits and safety for mothers and their babies, there continues to be low and variable uptake by pregnant women in Victoria. 

This project aims to increase the uptake of the recommended vaccines and reduce variability across maternity services in Victoria. This project will implement one of four different strategies in each partner maternity service to improve access and uptake of vaccines:

  • Nurses/midwives vaccine administration
  • A nurse-led, walk in, stand-alone immunisation service
  • Pharmacist-led immunisation
  • Antenatal care provider SMS with healthcare provider-initiated video recommendation

All these strategies will be supported by the development of a maternal immunisation toolkit - a package developed for providers and consumers outlining the evidence and safety for maternal vaccination. 

Lead organisation

Monash University


The Royal Women’s Hospital
Bendigo Health
South West Healthcare 
Northeast Health Wangaratta
Djerriwarrh Health Service 
Portland District Hospital