Emergency access Community of Practice

What is the emergency access community of practice?

In 2016 the ‘Improving emergency access collaborative’ (the Collaborative) was established and ran for a period of 12 months formally finishing in December 2017. Following on from the Collaborative, an emergency access community of practice (community of practice) has been established to continue to support the health service’s involved in the Collaborative on their improvement journey.

Members of the community of practice have the opportunity to attend workshops to develop their improvement capability in emergency access and flow, and access to an online collaboration tool. 

Why has the emergency access community of practice been established?

During the Collaborative an environment was created where meaningful relationships were built to enable teams from health services to learn from each other and develop their capability to engage in and carry out improvement initiatives at their respective services. 

The desire to sustain the gains made during the collaborative was recognised by members of the Collaborative who selected the establishment of a ‘community of practice’ as a way to help achieve this.

What is the objective of the emergency access community of practice?

To provide a forum to develop, share and enrich improvement and innovation knowledge and capability in hospital access and flow, and to facilitate opportunities for collaborations between members.

Further information

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