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The collaborative improvement journey

  1. Get your bearings:
  • Why change?
  • What are the objectives?
  • What will success look like?
  1. Check your dashboard:
  • What are the outcome measurements?
  • Speedometer – Can you recognise when a process is ‘out of control’?
  • Fuel gauge – Do you have the resources to reach your objectives?
  • Odometer – How do you gauge process?
  1. Pick your passengers:
  • Do you have the right team?
  • Is leadership and problem-solving capability part of the team?
  1. Choosing the right path:
    • Are you using data-driven decision making to prioritise you projects?
    • Is your thinking focused on problem identification?
  2. Meet the pit crew:
    • Have you met your industry coach and external network of peers?
    • What improvement work is being done outside your service?
  3. Take the most direct route:
    • Do you understand where the bottlenecks occur?
  4. Check your tool kit:
    • Do your passengers know how to use the tools?
    • What support do they need on the journey?
    • Have you utilised your industry coach?
  5. Take a rest stop:
    • Have you attended the collaborative workshops and heard about successes and failures?
    • Have you built relationships with your peers?
    • Can you share your improved capability with your own health service?
  6. Be prepared for surprises:
    • Don’t be concerned if you take a wrong turn – learn from it.
  7. Seize opportunities:
    • Are you ready to accelerate your journey?
    • What adjustment can you apply from your peer and workshop learnings?
  8. Motivating your passengers:
    • Are you rewarding the success of your employees along the way?
    • Is the recognition given consistent with expectations?
  9. Keep leadership engagement:
    • Are you regularly updating management on your continuous improvement process?
    • Are you leveraging the executive sponsor to remove roadblocks?
  10. Sustain the gain:
    • Are you incorporating the continuous improvement into your day-to-day business?
  11. Adjusting your route:
    • Do you have the controls in place to respond quickly to change and get back on track?
  12. You’ve reached your objectives, now keep going!
    • Have you celebrated your success?
    • What is your next problem to solve?
  13. Share your knowledge:
    • Have you shared your continuous improvement insights?
    • Have you reflected on your increased capability and its use in the future?
    • What are the opportunities for scale and spread?