Originally launched as the Redesigning Hospital Care Program (RHCP) in 2008, the program has led to a range of tangible improvements in patient care and organisational efficiency across wards, theatres, emergency departments, clinics, imaging and pathology services, hospital pharmacies, transport services and medical supply chains. As part of the program, staff within participating health services are supported to identify, implement, sustain and spread successful improvement and innovation work.

The management and oversight of the program shifted from the Department of Health and Human Services to Better Care Victoria (BCV) in 2016. The integration of BCV secretariat with Safer Care Victoria (SCV) in 2017 provided a great opportunity to broaden the scope of BCV and drive further integration of the improvement and quality agenda across Victoria. 

The RHCP was reviewed in 2017 to explore the general program experience with, and the value of, the RHCP; contribution of the RHCP to the wider organisational improvement program; enablers and barriers to sustainability and scaling within organisations and on a system-level; and opportunities for the future direction of the RHCP. This review led to the re-launch of the RHCP as the Improvement and Innovation Program in the 2017-18 financial year.

The program is overseen by the System Improvement, Innovation and Leadership branch of SCV. This team works with health services to deliver measurable improvements in the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of their organisations and across the Victorian health system. The program is supported by a dedicated steering committee comprising members from Victorian health services, BCV Board and committees, SCV and the Department of Health and Human Services. The program has a renewed focus on aligning program initiatives to state-wide improvement priorities and concentrating efforts towards leading system level improvement, rather than single service improvement. 

Read the program details to learn more about the program, role of the advisors and participating health services.