The Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund is distributed to support a range of projects and programs that identify, scale and embed innovation effectively within Victoria's health system.

To date the BCV Innovation Fund has funded the following types of projects and programs:

Innovation projects - Health services looking for support to innovate their health service can apply for the BCV Innovation Fund. Health Services receive support throughout the project journey to deliver on their goals and objectives. The BCV Innovation Fund also supports successful projects to be scaled to benefit more people and to sustain the efforts of the project on a lasting basis.

Improvement partnerships - focus on shared problem identification, problem solving and facilitated learning to embed sustainable and continuous improvement within a specific service area. Health service teams will receive support throughout the 12-month program to deliver on their improvement area.

Capability building and leadership programs - building improvement capability and leadership skills within the health system is the foundation for the sector to be able to identify innovation and lead on projects and programs to continuously improve the Victorian health sector.