Two health services have each received $150,000 from the Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund to put towards digital solutions to their healthcare challenges following the completion of the first cohort of CivVic Labs.

CivVic Labs, which is led by LaunchVic in partnership with the Victorian Government's Public Sector Innovation Fund, is Australia's first accelerator designed to help startups gain access to government procurement opportunities. 

St Vincent's Hospital has contracted digital startup Sky Ledge to build a prototype of a platform that proactively predicts and pre-empts patients at risk of the occurrence of preventable, hospital-acquired complications, with an initial focus on delirium.

Western Health has also signed a contract with WeGuide to develop a digital solution that better captures and reports patient-reported measures so that it can improve healthcare delivery in its physiotherapy department. 

As part of the CivVic Labs program, both health services received different proposals from three digital startups for their identified healthcare challenge. The health services then selected their preferred proposal, working with the digital startup over a three-month period to further refine the digital solution. At the end of the program, the health service and digital startup were given the option of deciding whether to proceed with an implementation contract the following year.

Both Sky Ledge and WeGuide successfully secured contracts, and will be further designing and implementing their solutions at their respective health services in 2020. 

Commenting on her CivVic Labs experience, Western Health's Improvement and Innovation Partner Andrea Donnell said, “It was a fantastic program and something that Western Health is very proud to be a part of. It is a low-risk opportunity to develop a digital solution and trial a basic prototype without having to commit to further development, which is something that you don’t normally get the chance to participate in. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity.”

LaunchVic CEO Dr Kate Cornick said LaunchVic was delighted with the outcomes from the first cohort of the CivVic Labs accelerator.

“The aim was to connect startups with government to give them greater access to procurement opportunities, as well as deliver innovative solutions to civic and government needs. The funding they receive will support the startup ecosystem in Victoria with the hope of enabling it to sustain itself, something that ultimately translates into the creation of jobs for Victorians.”

2020 submissions open

The BCV Innovation Fund will be sponsoring a health service challenge owner to participate in CivVic Labs in 2020 and will be accepting submissions until 28 February 2020. Further details are available on our Partnering with startups page.