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Better Care Victoria (BCV) aims to enable and support timely and appropriate access to the highest quality care for Victorians through the identification, scaling and embedding of innovative practice across the Victorian health system. A key platform for this is the BCV Innovation Fund; supporting sector-led innovation and improvement projects.

What do we mean by innovation? 

For BCV, innovation means new ways of doing things that improve both access to, and the quality of, healthcare provided across the state. This could be anything from improving an existing service, to implementing more integrated services or designing a genuinely transformational model of care - a breakthrough in how healthcare is thought about and delivered in the state.

The 2016-17 BCV Innovation Fund

In 2016, the Fund invested $10 million into 22 sector-led innovation projects that demonstrated a strong ability to improve timely and appropriate access to high quality care for Victorians. The 2016-17 Expression of interest received 192 applications, with 27 project ideas proceeding to the business case development phase.  

The 2017-18 BCV Innovation Fund

The Fund has now launched a further 11 sector-led innovation projects as part of the 2017-18 BCV Innovation Fund. These projects provide an exciting opportunity to support sector-led innovation in regional and metropolitan services, with four regional and seven metropolitan projects receiving funding.

The projects are expected to:

  • Boost access to outpatient services
  • Increase access to emergency and urgent care
  • Improve quality and safety amongst Victorian health service providers.

Brief descriptions of all of BCV's funded innovation projects can be found on our Innovation Projects page.

The 2018-19 BCV Innovation Fund 

In 2018-19, the Fund has three focus areas:

1. Access to outpatient services
2. Access to emergency and urgent care
3. Quality and safety

BCV is seeking innovative projects that provide substantial benefits for patients. Projects are not limited to outpatient or emergency care settings but need to make an impact on access to these services.

The 2018-19 Innovation Fund will support scaling of proven projects as well as new innovations.

To find out more about the 2018-19 process, visit the 2018-19 Innovation Fund application process page.