The Consumer Advisory Committee comprises of consumers, carers and consumer representatives, advising the BCV Board on priority areas for project investment in innovation and improvement, taking into consideration the impact on consumer access, experience, safety and quality, consumer engagement and patient experience.

The Consumer Advisory Committee also provides recommendations to the BCV Board to inform consumer engagement strategies, including approaches to engage consumers more broadly in health service innovation work. This will support consumers' current and anticipated needs now and into the future.

Meet BCV's Consumer Advisory Committee members

  • Kellie O'Callaghan (Chair)

    Kellie is the Chair, Board of Directors of Latrobe Regional Hospital, a non-Executive Director, Gippsland Primary Health Network, Chair, Building Board Capability Advisory Committee for the Department of Health & Human Services, a Committee member of Regional Development Australia, Gippsland and an elected local government Councillor. As a long term consumer of health services in regional and metropolitan areas, Kellie has a keen interest in consumer participation, governance and population health planning. She is focused on applying the principles of communication that engage and inform community and stakeholder groups, whilst enhancing the understanding of good governance principles and the broader benefits for communities. Kellie is committed to ensuring access to quality health services that are well resourced and sustainable.

  • Andrew Greaves

    Andrew joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a pilot in 1985 and in 2001 transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force. During his career Andrew had the privilege of flying with both countries’ Aerobatic Display teams. Andrew was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer in late 2007 and has undergone extensive treatment since that time. As a chronic, complex patient, Andrew has been exposed to many facets of the health service and believes that he can contribute to improving the patient journey through the Victorian health system. Andrew has been an ambassador for the Red Cross Blood Service and is a Board member of a health related not-for-profit organisation. 

  • Annette Campbell
    Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and again in 2015, carrying firsthand experience of being a patient in the Victorian health system. Annette is passionate about leading positive change to improve the hospital experience of all Victorian patients. Annette has a background as a business development professional and is also about to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health/Health Promotion. Annette has participated in the Deakin University Global Citizen Program and has recently completed a volunteer project in Cambodia and a media city and cultural program at the University of Roehampton in London.
  • Carol Webb

    Carol is a senior HR professional with extensive experience with change management, strategy and organisational development. She has a young son Davie, who has Treacher Collins Syndrome. Carol has experience with a range of paediatric and child health services and the NDIS. Carol is also a board member of Taralye; an internationally recognised early intervention centre that provides oral language programs for children who are deaf. Carol is passionate about consumer health, disability and social inclusion, and community access for all.

  • Jennifer Morris

    Jen is a patient perspectives consultant, patient advocate, and healthcare quality and safety researcher. She speaks and publishes extensively on issues relating to healthcare quality and safety, healthcare regulation, service improvement, and patient perspectives. Her work focuses on bringing patient voices to forums from which they have traditionally been absent, including research teams, clinical governance, and healthcare conferences. Jen’s research interests include clinical error, healthcare complaints, practitioner impairment, mandatory reporting, patient experience and consumer involvement in governance. She has been a guest lecturer on patient experience for medical schools in Victoria, and represents consumer perspectives on a variety of committees. 

  • Kerrie Easton

    Kerri lives and farms on the northern edge of the Gippsland Lakes. She has spent the past seven years as a member of the Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Consumer Advisory Committee. For 18 years she has cared for her partner whose vestibular system was permanently impaired in the workplace. Currently she is recovering from six months of successful treatment for cancer and looking forward to using the experiences gained to improve affordability of, and access to good health care for all people, but particularly those in rural and remote communities across the State.

  • Melinda Monaghan

    Melinda lives in Gippsland, where she completed her Bachelor of Education and worked as a primary school teacher. She has firsthand experience of being a patient in the Victorian health system after being diagnosed with small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma in 2010. Melinda received extensive treatment and physiotherapy in a range of different hospitals, including two total hip replacements in 2014, due to a vascular necrosis caused by treatment. Melinda is slowly returning to her work as a teacher and enjoys fundraising for different causes, while also spending time with her husband and four children. Melinda is passionate about improving access to all areas of health care, and is looking forward to becoming more involved through this role. 

  • Nurcihan Ozturk

    Nurcihan has over 30 years of experience in the community development sector holding senior positions both nationally and internationally, including Executive Officer of the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women’s Coalition, Assistant State Secretary of the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia and was the first Chairwoman of the Women’s Committee of the Textile Workers Asian Regional Organisation. Nurcihan’s volunteer commitments are with the National Council of Women Victoria as Migration Adviser, the Turkish Women’s Recreational Group as President and the Northern Health Patient Experience Advisory Committee. Nurcihan was given the distinction of being included in the first ever Honour Roll of Victorian Women, being awarded the ‘Centenary of Federation Women Shaping the Nation in Leadership and Industry. Nurcihan holds a Diploma in Community Development.

  • Susan Brunton

    Susan is the mother and carer of two children with health challenges. She is actively engaged as a consumer in the health service and disability sectors. Currently, Susan is a consumer adviser with Monash Health and is a member of the City of Melbourne Disability Advisory Committee. Susan was previously a personal injury/insurance lawyer with specialist litigation experience defending catastrophic claims involving spinal injury, acquired brain injury and loss of limb. Consequently, Susan’s personal and professional experience affords a unique perspective on balancing commercial realities with the importance of the engagement process to better services and options for those with health challenges and their families.

  • William Lau

    William had a tumor under his brain when he was five years old, which resulted him being legally blind and disabled. He also has a lived experience of mental illness and depression which led him to join Neami four years ago. In May last year Neami had a course called Launching Pad which helped William to become active as a consumer. Since then he has been on various committees such as the Victoria Legal Aid IMHA, Speaking from Experience Advisory Group, the Office of the Health Services Complaints Commissioner and has also being involved in the Victorian Experience Survey. William also works at Austin Health as a Consumer Consultant two days a week and on the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) bank at Eastern Health. Working as a Consumer Consultant has helped William in his recovery and he finds it very fulfilling.