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Case for change 

Demand for public hospitals will continue to increase at a faster rate than funding for additional capacity and one of the best ways to sustainably increase the capacity of Victoria's health system is through innovation.

Innovation is one important lever to help manage the increasing demand and cost pressures on Victorian healthcare providers. Innovation is well proven, low in cost, and is not reliant on an increase of recurrent funding.

The development of a central innovation support and knowledge sharing mechanism will bring Victoria in line with leading practice approaches. A central mechanism will help to focus and prioritise initiatives and offer greater sponsorship and support to ensure better quality of care, and access to care are achieved for all Victorians.

Many ideas that will help solve the challenges facing our system today already exist, too often however, these ideas are not made visible, they are not widely known and they have not had the resources to lift them to a broader level of impact. The Travis Review made a specific recommendation and emphasised the requirement for investment to scale-up innovation that had already been proven at the local level.

Travis Review

Better Care Victoria is a key component of the Victorian Government's response to the Travis Review, undertaken by former AMA President Dr Douglas Travis, which recommends ways to improve the capacity of Victoria's health system.

The Travis Review highlighted that innovation is vital to the future of Victoria's public health system. Finding new, more efficient and more effective ways to deliver healthcare is key to providing better access to public health services and better quality of care to Victorian patients.

Current investment in healthcare innovation has seen successful innovation projects achieve productivity and performance improvements at a local level; however the impacts are typically not replicated or scaled across the state.

Having accepted the findings of the Travis Review, the Victorian Government has established Better Care Victoria to provide a central innovation support and knowledge sharing mechanism that will bring Victoria in line with leading practice approaches across Australia and internationally.