Our vision

Better Care Victoria's vision is to enable and support timely and appropriate access to the highest quality care for Victorians through the identification, scaling and embedding of innovative practice across the Victorian health system.

Aerial view of many people forming the pieces of a puzzle.

Better Care Victoria (BCV) will continue to build upon and achieve this vision through:

Funding healthcare provider-led innovation and improvement projects 

  • Support a range of new innovation projects through coaching and mentoring, including scaling of proven projects and new ideas 
  • Coordinate statewide improvement partnerships to support sustainable improvement in a shared learning environment

Providing a platform for sharing knowledge and best practice

  • Develop networks, platforms and events that facilitate the sharing of innovation and improvement expertise, lessons learnt and that enable effective collaboration

Enabling leadership and capability building

  • Implement healthcare provider-led capability and leadership development program, including support for quality and safety improvement
  • Provide targeted improvement support to healthcare providers 
  • Sustain and strengthen sharing and recognition of best practice 

Coaching and mentoring

  • Support the implementation and scaling of innovation and improvement projects
  • Improvement science expertise
  • Access to outpatient services
  • Access to emergency care
  • Targeted areas of intervention in quality and safety

How can Better Care Victoria help you?

BCV will offer a range of support services for healthcare providers, including:

Our strategic plan

BCV’s Strategic Plan 2016-20 outlines BCV’s objectives, approach and strategic activities, as well as identifies performance indicators for 2016-20.

This document is available for download below. To receive a copy of this document in an accessible format, please contact bcv@dhhs.vic.gov.au.