Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming response to severe infection and can result in multi-organ failure and death. In 2016-17, 28,872 patients were diagnosed with one (or more) of the sepsis diagnosis codes. 3,258 of these patients died during their episode of care, giving an approximate “in-hospital” mortality rate of 11%.

Within health services across Victoria, there is significant variance in practice in relation to sepsis recognition and effective resuscitation, with delayed recognition and initial appropriate treatment increasing mortality and morbidity. 

Sepsis is a medical emergency and early recognition and treatment, can save lives.

On the 13th of September, we celebrate World Sepsis Day, to join the plight for raising awareness for Sepsis. We are currently facilitating the 'Think sepsis. Act fast' Scaling Collaboration in partnership with the Royal Melbourne Hospital, bringing  together 11 health services to implement a hospital wide clinical pathway, which sees sepsis treated with 6 key actions in 60 minutes, across 15 hospitals. 

Many of the health services participating in the collaboration will be holding events to raise awareness of sepsis, within their hospital communities. Information about some of these events can be found in the downloads section below.  

Safer Care Victoria's Emergency Care Clinical Network are also implementing a sepsis bundle of care targeting an additional 32 Victorian emergency departments (ED) and urgent care centers (UCC). For more information on the ED and UCC sepsis bundle, please visit Emergency Care Clinical Network Projects.

Take a look at the "What is Sepsis? - sepsis explained in 3 minutes" -video, developed by the Global Sepsis Alliance, to find out more about sepsis.

More information on the Better Care Victoria Sepsis Scaling Collaboration, can be found here.