Accelerating healthcare innovations with startups
The inaugural graduates of the CivVic Labs accelerator program at the showcase event

The Better Care Victoria (BCV) Innovation Fund is sponsoring two startups to co-design and develop digital solutions for public health sector challenges through the CivVic Labs accelerator program. 

The two startups, Sky Ledge and WeGuide, were among the inaugural graduates of the CivVic Labs accelerator program that had their initiatives unveiled at a showcase held on 4 December 2019.

Sky Ledge has been working with St Vincent's Hospital to co-create a service model that can predict and pre-empt patients at risk of hospital-acquired complications (HACs). The model uses artificial intelligence and will start with a focus on delirium, the most common and preventable HAC. By predicting patients that may develop delirium, the model will allow St Vincent’s Hospital to proactively prevent its occurrence and reduce patient harm.

WeGuide is helping Western Health to make healthcare data collection easier by developing a platform that engages patients with more effective communication before, during and after treatment. This platform will capture patient-reported measures (PRMs) such as a patient’s experience, perception of their healthcare, and their perspective on how illness impacts their life. This information will be circulated to their treating clinician and used to improve healthcare delivery, including the quality of care and clinical practice, patient satisfaction, and clinician-patient communication.

Each startup will receive $150,000 from the BCV Innovation Fund to implement solutions in their respective health services in 2020. 

CivVic Labs, led by LaunchVic in partnership with the Victorian Government’s Public Sector Innovation Fund, was established to provide startups with access to government procurement opportunities.

Startups accepted into the three-month accelerator program work directly with a potential government customer on a digital solution to a public sector challenge. During this time, they are supported with funding, mentors and office space. 

At the end of the program, the startups have the opportunity to win a contract to implement their solution. 

The BCV Innovation Fund will again be a sponsor in the third round of the CivVic Labs program, which will begin in February 2020. 

Learn more about CivVic Labs and the BCV Innovation Fund-sponsored Victorian healthcare challenges on the CivVic Labs program website.