Earlier this year, Better Care Victoria (BCV) took the 2017 Clinicians in Redesign Action Learning Lab series to Bendigo for the third event of the program. Almost 40 early career clinicians attended from across Victoria, first participating in a networking dinner to meet and share ideas with their peers, as well as attending the Action Learning Lab the following day at Bendigo Health.

Mary Freer, Director, Freer Thinking facilitated both the networking event and Action Learning Lab, which was themed around ‘compassionate leadership for clinicians’. Attendees reported they were thoroughly engaged by the thought provoking material and discussion sessions Mary Freer provided as part of the workshop. The key learnings of the day were:

  • how to pay attention to ourselves and others
  • the neuroscience of the mind/body relationship
  • how to use empathy as a leadership tool
  • the connection between innovation and compassionate leadership

Mary demonstrated how ‘compassionate leadership’ nurtures a culture of high quality, continuous improvement and compassionate care. It is not a 'soft' ideological approach. Compassionate leadership creates an environment where bullying is rare and where learning and quality improvement are the norm.

At the close of the session, participants were invited to share the improvement projects they are working on and connect with other clinicians that are presently working on similar areas of improvement. Positive feedback has been received from participants about both sessions, including their enthusiasm and desire to apply compassionate leadership principles in their local settings.

To find out more about the Clinicians in Redesign program and other BCV leadership programs, visit the Leadership Programs page of the BCV website or send your enquiry via email to bcv@dhhs.vic.gov.au